About this trip idea

Allow 1-2 days. 

Seek out the beautiful architecture found throughout Southern Indiana's churches. From modern masterpieces to historic haunts, the south of the state will give you something to stare at. 

Tranquil spaces
Start your tour at the Monastery Immaculate Conception  in Ferdinand. Founded in 1867, the monastery is home to one of the nation's largest communities of Benedictine women. This church features an impressive Romanesque dome that stands 87 feet from the floor.

Nearby St. Meinrad is home to the St. Meinrad Archabbey , one of only two archabbeys in the United States and one of 11 in the world. The archabbey was founded in 1954 by Swiss monks. It offers beautiful architecture as well as a peaceful spiritual retreat.

Architectural marvels
The St. Joseph Church   in Jasper is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This 1880 Romanesque church was built by the early parishioners and showcases priceless German stained glass windows. Other features include Austrian-designed and imported mosaics with 50 million stones, pewter and marble statues, altars made of Italian marble and a communion railing of onyx and brass.

Also located in Jasper, the Holy Family Church   is a modern architectural marvel. It was built with Indiana limestone and features the second largest Dalle-de-Verre window in the nation.

The unique Roofless Church   in New Harmony was designed by architect Phillip Johnson and dedicated in 1960. The architect believed that only one roof, the sky, could embrace all worshipping humanity. The dome in the interior courtyard is built in the shape of an inverted rosebud and casts the shadow of a fully bloomed rose.