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Allow 2-3 days.

Contrary to its name, Brown County is a colorful and creative region known as the Art Colony of the Midwest. Home to over 250 artists with many recognized as Indiana Artisans by the State of Indiana. Learn more about the art colony, enjoy a variety of entertainment options, and, then, experience art firsthand through classes, workshops, galleries tours and live demonstrations.

Antique Art & Entertainmet
Just outside Nashville, the heart of Brown County, is the T.C. Steele State Historic Site . Stretching across 211 acres of land that housing a number of trails, gardens, studios and home of world-renown painter T.C. Steele. A premier landscape artist of the late 19th Century, Steele was the first to discover Brown County’s beauty and commit it to canvas. Come and experience his life and see the beautiful landscapes he fell in love with.

For generations, singing, dancing and playing soul-stirring music in Brown County has been a regular affair. The Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground hosts the oldest continuing running bluegrass festival in the world - the Bill Monroe Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival.

Lastly, The Brown County Playhouse has a diverse selection of performing arts productions and events for tourists and residents, including movies, concerts, comedians and shows.

The second Saturday from April –December, take the Village Art Walk in the heart of Nashville. This free self-guided tour showcases thirteen art galleries, each featuring original, local and regional arts and crafts produced by artists scattered all over the Midwest. Such galleries include the Brown County Art Gallery where guests can learn about the history of Indiana artists and view early works by these masters. Refreshments, live music, special programs and gift drawings are included in the Art Walk. 

Midwestern Hospitality at its Finest

Nashville House Restaurant is a local favorite built in 1859 and has since stayed true to its traditional and old-fashioned Hoosier hospitality. Open for lunch and dinner, family and friends can enjoy Nashville’s wide array of entrees, including their famous fried biscuits and apple butter. Its renowned service and “Old Country Store” continue to draw in neighbors and visitors alike for second helpings.