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You can experience in two days what took nature millions of years to make, but be sure to bring a jacket because the caves stay about 55 degrees year round.

Start your adventure at Indiana Caverns for a walking tour combined with a boat ride. Along the way you will see Ice Age bones, amazing waterfalls and experience great heights and depths. After your tour, head to the gem mine where you can pan for fossils and gemstones.

Discovered by Squire Boone and his brother Daniel, Squire Boone Caverns offers dazzling cave formations of stalactites, stalagmites and flowstone. Another highlight of the cavern are the rushing rivers and waterfalls that carry over a million gallons of water trhough the caverns every day -- this is something rarely seen in caves. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, explore Squire Boone Village where you can dip your own candles, visit Boone's kitchen for lunch, watch lye soap being made, pan for (fools) gold or watch the Grist Mill grind grain.

At Marengo Cave you can choose between two walking tours or do both! The first tour is the Crystal Palace. This is an easy tour that winds its way through formation filled rooms and past huge flowstone deposits. The second tour is the Dripstone Trail. This tour is known for its many delicate soda straws, slender totem pole stalagmites, and the unique Penny Ceiling.