About this trip idea

The landscape of south-central Indiana provides excellent opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Lakes and hills and forests- oh my! With three distinct lakes, every water sports enthusiast will find an activity they enjoy in the right setting.  Lake Monroe is the state’s largest inland lake and quite a popular spot for boating and fishing, with a beautiful shoreline surrounded by forests. Lake Lemon is also a great boating lake, with lakeside cottages lining the shore. Griffy Lake allows only non-motorized or trolling boats, so it’s the perfect place for a peaceful fishing excursion. All three lakes have parks and natural areas for exploring as well.

The massive   Hoosier National Forest covers almost 78,000 acres in Monroe County, providing miles of hiking, biking and horseback riding trails. The forest is dense and beautiful, and 13,000 acres are a designated wilderness area with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the serene, natural environment. Of special interest is the Hickory Ridge fire tower, which provides an amazing view of the forest.

A little closer to the city limits lays the  Leonard Springs Nature Preserve. The preserve was created to maintain the natural beauty of the area and showcase a historical site. The area showcases a variety of geographical features, including two springs which were used as a water source for the city.

Biking is an integral part of Bloomington’s culture, as many students and residents use bikes as their main form of transportation. Add to that two major bicycling events- the Little 500 and the Hilly Hundred Tour- and you’ve got yourself a two-wheeled community! Most city streets have bicycle lanes, and there are plenty of trails for leisure rides, including Wapehani Park . Country roads make for scenic and challenging courses as well.

There are numerous camp sites in the recreational areas around Lake Monroe, and camping facilities like Lake Monroe Village  and Jellystone Park . Or you can stay right on the shores of Lake Monroe at Fourwinds Resort , a hotel resort with a private beach and boat rental. Or try Eagle Pointe Golf Resort , which offers condominiums, swimming pools and a golf course, of course.