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Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been making some of the most exquisite glass and jewelry designs in the world. Admire the renowned work of Louis Comfort Tiffany himself and his designers on a free, self-guided tour of the Stained Glass Trail  in Richmond . Masterful pieces dating back to 1895 create an unforgettable display of color and light.

Get me to the church
Thanks to the rich tradition of stained glass church windows, downtown Richmond boasts two churches with Tiffany windows within three blocks. At First Presbyterian  , a Renaissance-style window created by Tiffany Studios uses deep, rich colors to depict the risen Christ with Mary. Pause to feel the emotion in the piece, then stroll through the historic sanctuary, constructed in 1866. The Angel of the Resurrection heralds good news in the exquisite window at St. Paul's Episcopal Church  . A sense of light and joy surrounds this beautiful window commissioned from Tiffany & Co. in 1902. St. Paul's, the oldest church in downtown Richmond, features several other fascinating stained glass windows and a bell that dates back to 1846. 

Enjoy Richmond
The Morrisson-Reeves Library   is the last stop on the Stained Glass Trail, but it actually houses the first Tiffany windows to come to Richmond. Designed by Tiffany himself and installed in 1895, the windows are an example of the artist's secret "Favrile Glass" technique, in which most of the light and shade effects are made by folding the glass. As the centerpiece of the library, the windows depict Johann Gutenberg demonstrating his moveable type invention, which led to the mass production of books. Roam the building to see pieces of history from the original Richmond library, built in 1864.

After your tour of the magnificent Tiffany windows, why not go shopping? Especially for antiques, explore Richmond's Antique Alley  along the historic National Road. Browse furniture, jewelry, art and collectibles in diverse and charming shops that feature a variety of wares from all eras and styles.

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