In 49 States, It's Just a Game.
This is Indiana.

All eyes are on Indiana in March as the state prepares to host the NCAA men's basketball tournament. As Indiana shines in the national spotlight, we have everything you need to know. Tourney Time is your hub for tournament information, basketball history, amazing cuisine and attractions, and a special Best of Indiana voting! Plus, don't miss our rankings of Indiana's all time best college basketball players. 

Where is Indiana's Best High School Gym?

In 49 other states, it's just basketball. Not here. Indiana holds many of the largest and best high school gyms in the world. We asked for your votes and you have spoken. After over 67,000 votes, these are the top 10 high school gyms in Indiana!


Arena Guide

Gameday Guides for the 7 Tourney Sites

The NCAA Tournament is taking place in 7 different arenas throughout Indiana. Incredible cuisine, fun attractions, basketball history and great people? We have it. See what makes these arenas and the surrounding areas so amazing. 


Tournament Moments

Iconic Indiana Tourney Moments

From multiple national championship-winning shots in the final moments to the infamous Gordon Hayward heave that “almost went in!”, these are the most iconic tournament moments for Indiana colleges and universities.


Put These Places in Indiana On Your Basketball Bucket List

Indiana is second to none in basketball tradition. We have made a list of the must-see basketball attractions in Indiana, that should be on any fan's basketball bucket list. Basketball cathedrals, murals, museums, and much more? Don't miss out! 


Sweets, Candy, and Donuts

"Sweets 16": Bring Your Sweet Tooth

If you are a lover of all things sweet – pies, cookies, donuts, and candy; there's no shortage of places in Indiana to satisfy your cravings. Where are Indiana's "Sweets 16"? Click to find out!


2021 NCAA Tournament Primer

NCAA Tournament Update

Get the scoop on everything you need to know about the 2021 Men's Basketball Championship. Dates, times, locations, teams, and more!


Top 68 Men’s College Basketball Players from Indiana

From Larry Bird to Oscar Robertson, many college basketball legends have their roots planted in Indiana. As a result, experts from Visit Indiana and the Basketball Hall of Fame selected and ranked the top 68 men’s college basketball players of all-time from Indiana. This includes players who were born, raised, and/or attended high school in the Hoosier state. The list was released in three phases, with the final list of players #16 - #1 now out! See who was crowned as the best all-time player!

SEE PLAYERS #16 - #1!

SEE PLAYERS #32 - #17!

SEE PLAYERS #68 - #33!

Hoosiers By Choice

These Hoops Heroes are Hoosiers By Choice

James Naismith said, "While the game was invented in Massachusetts, basketball really had its origin in Indiana, which remains the center of the sport." Just like Indiana's favorite game, we're featuring the stories of Hoosier hoops heroes who weren't born in Indiana but ended up making it home. This includes coaches, players, media and more!  


Incredible People

The Heart of a State is Its People. Meet The IN Crowd

People in Indiana are doing amazing things. This doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who's spent time here. The IN Crowd shines shine a spotlight on some of these individuals, helping the world beyond our borders understand why we're so proud of the place we call home. See these incredible stories.


Don't Miss Out On These Great Stories

Larry Bird's 15-Foot Statue is Dwarfed by His Impact on the Game

Larry Bird is synonymous with Indiana basketball and basketball in general. Don’t miss a visit to his statue outside Indiana State’s Hulman Center in Terre Haute.


The Cradle of Basketball is in Western Indiana's Montgomery County

Indiana is the true home of the game, and Montgomery County is the “Cradle of Basketball.”


Elite Taste: Get a Sip at These 8 Wineries in Southern Indiana

Indulge in the freshest ingredients from Southern Indiana that give the local wine something special that reminds us of home. These 8 wineries in Southern Indiana will provide an unforgettable experience.


Chuck Taylor: You May Know His Shoes, But Do You Know His Story?

At some point in every American’s life, we all end up buying a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. However, many may not know that the famous Converse shoe was actually designed by and named after a Hoosier!


This Nightly Indy Lights Display is 'Shining a Light' on Hoosier Hoops

Basketball is a lifeblood to Indiana, and as March Madness rolls into the state this month, downtown Indianapolis has created a new way of “Shining a Light” on the beloved Hoosier sport.


Indiana's "Sweets 16": Bring Your Sweet Tooth to These Sugary Spots

In honor of tourney time this March, we put together a “Sweets 16" of bakeries, candy shops and more in Indiana.



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Indiana Champions

The 2021 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is taking place solely in the Hoosier state. The Indiana Destination Development Corporation is using this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to amplify Indiana's authentic story and communicate a positive perception of our state to a national audience. Many of our partners around the state have pledged to be an Indiana Champion to help share our message. See who is on the list and even pledge your organization to be an Indiana Champion!

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