COVID-19 Resources

Indiana has slowly re-opened its businesses, but we are still vigilant in the fight against COVID-19. We understand traveling through several states with differing restrictions and guidelines can be really confusing, so these resources should help give you an understanding of how Indiana is handling the virus. 

Current COVID-19 Requirements in Indiana

While the State of Indiana's COVID-19 requirements might change between now and your visit, we have put together a detailed resource guide that will be continually updated as restrictions are modified. This will lay everything out in an easy to understand format. 

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Hoosier Hospitality Promise

Businesses have been anything but usual recently and Indiana businesses are making a pledge to give consumers a little extra assurance that it's safe to venture out. When an attraction or restaurant makes the Hoosier Hospitality Promise, they are promising to make patron health and safety a top priority. You can rest assured that these businesses are following federal, state, and local health guidelines. Consumers can also make the pledge and get discounts from destinations offering them!

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Indiana Coronavirus Dashboard and Map

The State of Indiana is keeping track of statewide and local COVID-19 metrics. You can find all of this information on Indiana State Department of Health's Coronavirus dashboard. This map will also show the advisory level for each individual county.

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