See this gigantic steer in Kokomo's Highland Park!

Old Ben, the world’s largest steer, weighed 125 pounds at birth in 1902 and between 4,585-4,720 pounds at his death in 1910. He stood 6.5 feet tall and 16.25 feet long from nose to the tip of his tail.

Many circus owners and sideshow representatives tried to buy him, but his owners turned down all offers, preferring to show him themselves in a private tent at fairs all over Indiana and even at the State Fair for several years. Ripley featured him in his “Believe It Or Not” in 1968. A taxidermist was hired to stuff Old Ben.


Old Ben is now located in a pavilion in Kokomo's Highland Park, next to the Giant Sycamore Stump, for all to see. Open dawn to dusk.

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