Learn about local inventor Elwood Haynes

Learn about a notable Hoosier inventor, Elwood Haynes, during a visit to the Elwood Haynes Museum in Kokomo!


Elwood Haynes invented the first commercially successful gasoline powered automobile in the United States in 1894, which he termed “America’s First Car” in his early advertising. Haynes conceived the idea of a “Horseless Carriage” while in Portland, Indiana in 1891, and then moved to Kokomo, where he completed the plans and hired Elmer and Edgar Apperson to build the first automobile in 1893. Elwood Haynes test drove the automobile, named “The Pioneer” on July 4, 1894 on Pumpkinvine Pike in Kokomo.


Haynes also invented stainless steel, the regulated thermostat, and multiple hard alloys. The famous inventor’s former residence now houses a collection of his possessions and inventions. A revolving exhibit of Haynes automobiles are on display in the garage.


The museum is open seasonally. Hours vary. Freewill donations are accepted.

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