NCAA Hall of Champions

 Located in beautiful White River State Park in Downtown Indianapolis, the NCAA Hall of Champions boasts two levels of interactive exhibits to engage visitors and create a true-to-life understanding of what it takes to make the grade as we celebrate our more than 400,000 student-athletes. Start your visit in the Kick-off Theater and learn the story of the NCAA, which began more than 100 years ago. Arena, on the first level, has all 24 NCAA sports represented and includes a novice to historian trivia challenge, current team rankings and video highlights. There is also a children’s area that includes an opportunity for children to post their dreams. Play, on the second level, is a fully interactive area to compete virtually and hands-on through sports simulators, a 1930s retro gymnasium, ski simulator, vertical jump and more. For those interested in a little friendly competition that involves using your thinking skills, visitors will find interactive exhibits: “Make the Grade” and “Trivia Blitz”. So, bring the entire family as this is a place where everyone can come and play.


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