Visit Cass County...Make New Memories

Established in 1828 we have something to offer for everyone. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, there are facilities for golf, swimming, etc. Witness the magnificent colors of the changing seasons on the multi-use trails, loops, and pathways. Go canoeing (Logansport – the largest town in the County is established on the junction of Eel & Wabash rivers), or slow down and enjoy of fishing. There are various shopping centers that offer an eclectic variety of locally made items as well as name brands. If you are a history buff then step back in time while you visit the museums – see artifacts from past eras ranging from train memorabilia, medical instruments, etc. Relive your childhood as you try to grab the brass ring while on one of the three existing hand carved and painted stationary Dentzel carousels in the country. Looking to pamper yourself? We have a variety of spas and salons. Our dining options include American, Mexican, Guatemalan, Chinese, Thai cuisines, to name a few, or perhaps you just want to skip a meal and go straight to dessert (we don’t judge!) - there are quite a few places famous for ice-cream. For comfortable lodgings after a long and tiring day, choose from the Hotels, Airbnb or bed and breakfast in the County.

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