Cass County Historical Society

Our collection is currently housed at The Jerolaman-Long home, built for Dr. George Jerolaman in 1853 by George Bevan. Twenty rooms showcase thousands of artifacts from Cass County’s past including paintings by noted local artists — among them, George Winter and Wils Berry — personal belongings of General John Tipton, military uniforms and equipment dating back to the early 1800s, Native American artifacts, and much more. A two-story log cabin was painstakingly disassembled and reconstructed next to the museum in 1974. It was originally built near Galveston, Ind., around 1863. The historical society also owns a touring car that was built by the ReVere Motor Company, which operated in Logansport from 1917 to 1926.

The historical museum in the Jerolaman-Long home at 1004 E. Market Street is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm - 6pm, and Saturdays from 10am - 2pm.

The Genealogy and Research Library at the historical society main office - 421 E. Broadway is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10am - 2pm. 

 For more information, call 574-753-3866 or email

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