Generations of workers and captains of industry have provided a steadfast response from our region to America’s call during military conflicts as well as times of peace. Manufacturing Victory, created and presented by The History Museum and the Studebaker National Museum, chronicles this compelling story in multiple galleries, creating a unique campus experience. The exhibit traces our region’s defense production over 160 years, from early Studebaker wagon contracts in 1857 through the cutting-edge products innovated by AM General and others today. It is on view June 19, 2021, to February 6, 2022.  

Manufacturing Victory explores our community’s dedication to manufacturing for the military, from pre-Civil War to present day. The impressive vehicles on view range from Studebaker’s horse-drawn army wagons to AM General’s iconic Humvee and more. Artifacts like the Oliver factory’s ammunition, Bendix’s Talos missile, and diving equipment made by Ball-Band provide a living document to the area’s long history of defense production. The exhibit also showcases the ingenuity of business leaders and line workers as they worked together to manufacture victory.