The spirit that brought two communal experiments to southwestern Indiana in the early 19th century continues to thrive in picturesque New Harmony, Indiana. New Harmony offers world-class accommodations, meeting facilities, and dining. Shopping features antiques, fine art, and hand-made crafts. Natural amenities include walking trails, public gardens, and labyrinths. Visitors enjoy art galleries featuring local and regional artists, summer theater productions, and diverse musical entertainment in historic venues. Come experience New Harmony’s legacy of creative endeavor. Join the many visitors that discover a distinctive small town, where the simple wooden structures of the founding Harmonists blend with modern architectural masterpieces. New Harmony is the perfect destination for an afternoon of shopping, a weekend of renewal, or the celebration of a special event. New Harmony also provides a productive backdrop for a business meeting, conference, or group retreat. Within the National Historic Landmark District are many original buildings and exhibits related to the Harmonist and Owen/Maclure communities. Tour tickets can be purchased at Richard Meier’s award-winning Atheneum, which serves as New Harmony's visitor center.