Willard Library of Evansville, Indiana, opened in 1885, is the state’s oldest public library building and one of the oldest libraries in the Midwest. The Victorian gothic building is an architectural masterpiece as well as being known as an internationally famous haunted library. Willard Library features some of the most outstanding genealogy, local history, archival and arts & humanities collections in Indiana. Programs for children and adults are conducted throughout the year and are always free of charge. Willard's annual Midnight Madness event provides opportunities for genealogists to attend free workshops and have access to the genealogy collection until Midnight every weekday of the 1st full week of summer. Willard's ever-popular Ghost Tours the last 2 weeks of October provide families the ability to have a tour of the library that specifically features the famous Grey Lady and various encounters with her since 1937. For more information about upcoming events, please visit: http://www.willard.lib.in.us/calendar_of_events/index.php Or find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Willard-Library-of-Evansville-Indiana/116687743349 Open to the public 7 days a week, Willard Library was built to serve you.

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