Beck's Mill, whose origins date back to 1808, is one of the most famous and historic landmarks in Indiana. The mill was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007 and is the only extant mill in Indiana that used only grindstone milling in the entire milling process. With the determination of the volunteers of the newly formed "Friends of Beck's Mill" and the philanthropic support of Bill and Gayle Cook and their son Carl, the neglected and seriously compromised old mill found new life. In 2008, Beck's Mill was returned to a restored and operational condition. Visitors to the mill can witness the milling process in action as well as see the unique water powered carding machines and wool pickers on the second floor of the structure along with other artifacts. A gift shop with unique items is also contained within the mill building. The grounds also includes the reconstructed Beck Cabin, rebuilt on its original foundation, picnic areas and several walking and hiking trails. With many special events held during the season, a visit to Beck's Mill offers guest a unique glimpse into America's past. Visit for information regarding special events.

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