The John Hay Center Museum Complex, located in Salem, Indiana, honors John Milton Hay's legacy as an American statesman and public servant. Born in Salem, John Hay served as personal secretary to Abraham Lincoln during his presidency and served as Secretary of State under Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt as well as becoming U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain and authoring the Panama Canal Treaty. The complex includes John Hay's birthplace home, The Steven's Museum housing a wide array of interesting artifacts and various exhibits, a reconstructed pioneer village and The Depot Train Museum housing one of the nation's finest collections of railroad memorabilia with an emphasis on the Monon Railroad. The Steven's Museum Genealogical Library also contains an extensive collection of documents and materials regarded by many as one of the Midwest's finest collections. The John Hay Center is the site of several events held throughout the year including the yearly Old Settler's Days Festival. For complete information regarding the Center visit the website at

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