An hour-long boat tour through Bluespring Caverns brings you up close to the majesty of the underground in a trip as natural as possible. Passages and water-courses are illuminated by the pocket of light that follows your tour boar through darkness that otherwise envelopes everything. Here for each visitor to share is the thrill of exploration of the first explorers and you may spy an elusive (and rare) blind cavefish, or a blind crayfish in its constant search for food. Others might sight a solitary bat hanging on a ceiling or even one of the very elusive cave salamanders, it's spotted red-orange body almost glowing in the dark. Visit during a wet period and you will hear and see the power of the underground river, though many of it's creatures will have retreated to quieter areas. Bluespring Caverns is, after all, a natural wonder. Don't miss the 1/2 mile nature trail in the Bolton Natural Area. It's your chance to view one of Indiana's largest sinkholes (covering 15 acres!) as you experience the connection of the land above to the great Caverns hidden below. At the Visitor Center, find a varied selection of unique gifts and souvenirs and prospect for gems at the Myst'ry River Gemstone Mine. Group tours are available!

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