The Celery Bog Nature Area is a tranquil spot for wildlife and people alike. You'll find some unusual plants and the opportunity to view nearly 120 different species of birds. Rabbits, coyotes, opossums and other small mammals dwell there, as well as many amphibious creatures-all attracted to its rich and unique wetland habitat.

The Bog contains five wetland basins covering 105 acres. It is listed by Department of Natural Resources Indiana Natural Heritage Program as one of the "significant sites" in the state. 2019 recipient of the Indiana Parks and Recreation Assoc. Exceptional Facilities Award for new additoins to the Nature Area and Celery Bog.

The Lily Nature Center at the Celery Bog adds opportunities for exhibits and educational activities. Programs offered throughout the year. Family Environmental Fun Packs are available for checkout from the Lilly Nature Center. Open yearly, Wed.-Sun.

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