Family-owned 188 years, not same family. Indiana's famous covered bridge and waterfall. Fresh natural flour, cornmeal, etc. Food, ice cream, and more.

The covered bridge being over a waterfall makes it Indiana ‘s Most Famous Covered Bridge .

  • The dam is nine feet tall and 220 feet long.
  • The waterfall is 200′ long- the foundation of The Mill is actually part of the dam.
  • The covered bridge is 261 feet long. (The postcards say 245 feet).
  • It is a double span Burr Arch originally built by J.J. Daniels in 1868.
  • The covered bridge was “Set Aside” or closed to traffic in 1968.
  • It was burnt down in 2005 and re-built by the good people of the community in 2006

Of course, the Historic Bridgeton Mill sits on the end of the dam.
This gives us the view that makes us famous…….

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