A State Park Close to ANY Destination

There’s an Indiana State Park within a one-hour drive of wherever you are! And they're as diverse as the natural landscapes, from the northern sandy shores of Lake Michigan to the rolling hills of southern Indiana. Mountain bikers rave over the trails at Brown County State Park. Hikers love the challenge and beauty of the falls at Turkey Run and McCormick's Creek. The scenic overlooks at Clifty Falls will take your breath away. And that's just a sampling of the many miles of beauty awaiting you.

The founder of the Indiana State Parks, Richard Lieber, shared the impact of visiting with these eloquent words: "Our parks and preserves are not mere picknicking places. They are rich storehouses of memories and reveries. They are guides and counsels to the weary and faltering in spirit. They are bearers of wonderful tales to him who will listen; a solace to the aged and an inspiration to the young."

How fortunate we are to have these parks for campign, fishing, boating, hiking, biking, birdwatching and more.