The Elkhart Environmental Center is a haven not only for regional visitors, but wildlife as well. The 66 acre green site is part of a 120 acre River Greenway system that links to Studebaker Park along the Elkhart River. Five wetlands have been constructed, at the center which creates habitat and aids in storm water runoff. Wooded buffers along the Elkhart River, patches of native wildflowers and prairie grass areas provides additional habitat. There is a cabin onsite with small, but interesting exhibits to educate people on their environmental impact. There is also a children's learning loft that has a small play area, reading corner, and a few nature exhibits. Additionally, there is also an eco-cabin onsite that is aimed at demonstrating on a smaller scale which products and systems a sustainable house would have. Each season brings a variety of new wildlife to the site. We encourage you to come visit us, enjoy some solitude in the city, and learn about your environmental impact! Trails are open Dusk till Dawn every day of the week. Gate and Cabin are currently open 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday and closed on weekends.