Nutcracker Sweets is a Candy Store & Teddy Bear Factory dedicated to providing a nostalgic shopping experience. We offer wrapped candies (retro and novelty, by the piece, and International), pure cane sugar sodas in glass bottles,  Teddy Bear Factory stuffing experiences, celebratory gifts made to order (Candy Bouquets, Teddy Gram Greetings), and party room rental. Nutcracker Sweets works to provide customer service reminiscent of the "mom & pop" stores of yesteryear. Our goal is to provide a unique atmosphere and shopping experience that will create lasting memories for our customers.  Whether an ordinary day or an extraordinary event, Nutcracker Sweets strives to be your destination of choice for your family's fun or candy and gift needs.

Travel our Candy Timeline, test your palate with International candies, make a new friend in our Teddy Bear Factory, sip a soda from your childhood and/or enjoy our consitently rotating stock. We feel blessed to celebrate sweet moments with you!

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