Abbott's Candies

This Indiana tradition of enjoying Abbott's famous Caramels & Chocolates was started by W.C. Abbott in Hagerstown, IN in the 1890’s. Today he would be proud to see the Caramels & Chocolates continuing to be made by hand, using the same sweet, natural ingredients as he did. 

Abbott’s Candies continued as a family enterprise for three generations until 2012, when a new family, the Noels, took over to continue the family managed tradition. The whole family provides the passion necessary to continue making these high-quality confections and establishing Abbott’s as a household name. With the addition of the Noel family came the new Indianapolis location which was started by Jay Noel in 1993.

The gold & white caramel box and the hand decorated cream filled name eggs are recognized, by many generations, as being a special part of their Holiday memories. It is one of the reasons Abbott's ships candy all over the world. The candy makers prepare novelty decorated candies for different seasons and are always trying new chocolate flavor ideas to add to the traditional favorites.


Stop by the Hagerstown location to watch the hand making of these candies and to get a sweet taste of their delicious buttery caramels.

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