Black Pine Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit, volunteer organization that offers a variety of opportunities for the public to visit and meet nearly 100 displaced, captive-raised exotic animals enjoying refuge for the REST of their lives. Black Pine's residents have found refuge here after being surrendered, abandoned, or confiscated. Nearly all are products of the exotic pet trade, which is largely unregulated in the U.S. The well-being of the animals always comes first at Black Pine, so visitors will be expected to respect the animals and abide by rules during their visit. Black Pine is not a zoo, and does not buy, sell, breed, trade, or use animals for entertainment purposes. If you enjoy nature in peace, you'll enjoy Black Pine! Pathways are paved; parking is free! The Wolf Den Gifts & Things offers a wide variety of animal-themed gifts and souvenirs (free to shop!) Picnics are welcomed during summer. Tours and other programs vary seasonally. Consult our web site or call for tour options, available year-round. Advanced registration is recommended to guarantee availability.

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