In the densely populated and rapidly changing environment of modern day Marion County, it is difficult to imagine that the local landscape of sprawling neighborhoods, noisy streets, and bustling commerce was mostly prime Indiana farmland less than a century ago. The history of agriculture in our community is as rich as the soil that lies beneath it. Waterman’s Family Farm has worked tirelessly for generations to preserve that history by providing a reliable supply of healthy, fresh produce as well as making the small farm experience accessible to the larger public.


In 1978, Bruce and Carol Waterman opened the doors to Waterman’s Farm Market. Their vision was to provide a place where customers could pick their own produce. By doing so, the customer would be insured of the freshest product at a price that would exclude the cost of the labor for harvest, or the customer could buy the same high-quality fruits and vegetables, fresh-picked by the farm, at a friendly country market. The success of this vision has earned Waterman’s Farm Market a reputation for delivering juicy strawberries, flavorful tomatoes, and incredible sweet corn, as well as other delicious crops, season after season.