Over one-half acre (2,500 square feet)of murals painted by local artists in the 1930's depict the westward expansion of the United States, Indiana Territory, State of Indiana, Wabash River Valley and Fountain County. Painted as an addition to Works Progress Administration Project # 1036, ten women and one man worked under the direction of Eugene F. Savage, Covington native who became a world renown muralist. Savage painted two murals located in the entryway of the Fountain County Courthouse. The Courthouse architect planned the two story atrium to accommodate murals. The murals range from the details of a miniaturist to that likened to folk artist. Scavenger hunts center around searches for various animals, occupations, modes of transportation and buildings/structures.  The murals provide a display of history in dress, travel, structures, birds, flowers, trees, agricultural development/practices and historic events in the development of the United States and the local area.  The "Put 'Em on the Map" Conservation Project costing $227,000 was undertaken in July 2017 to restore and preserve the 80 year old murals. Open weekdays from 8 am - 4 pm. Special arrangement tours may be scheduled 765-793-2243. Closed holidays and weekends.