Science Central is a regional resource that provides inspiring and fun hands-on science education for people of ALL ages! Come and watch an electricity demonstration where your hair will stand on end, or participate in a program where ordinary objects will freeze with liquid nitrogen! Check out our permanent exhibits on magnets, sound, light, optical illusions, live animals, fossils, and more. Or visit the temporary exhibitions gallery where world-class science exhibitions on a variety of subjects will be on display. Only at Science Central can you experience gravity on a giant slide, meet a mastodon, see the earth from space, feel tornado force winds, or ride on a bike that's 3-stories up in the air and on a track that's only one-inch wide! You and your family won't want to miss the newest permanent exhibit, Science On a Sphere, where you can see weather, earthquakes and even the Sun projected onto a 6-foot globe from live satellite connections! Make sure to check our web site at as operating hours are extended during winter, spring and summer breaks.

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