The James Dean Memorial Gallery was established in 1988 in the actor’s hometown and final resting place of Fairmount, Indiana. This extensive exhibit is the private collection of James Dean archivist David Loehr, who began collecting in 1974. The collection is housed in a beautifully restored 1890 Victorian home, located on tree-lined North Main Street in downtown Fairmount. The exhibit consists of literally thousands of items of James Dean memorabilia and gives visitors the opportunity to see the worldwide impact that this Indiana native and American film star has made. The Kenneth Kendall Room features several paintings and sculptures done by the Hollywood artist who created the bronze busts of Dean that are erected at The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and at the James Dean Memorial Park in Fairmount. There are showcases full of tribute and novelty items that have been produced since the 1950s honoring Dean. The archive and library at the gallery has been used by several authors and film-makers working on documentaries and includes over 1,000 photographs, hundreds of books and magazines, and file cabinets full of clippings and information regarding James Dean from birth to death and beyond.

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