Gene Stratton-Porter is Indiana’s most widely read female author, as well as a gifted nature photographer and entrepreneur. She began her career writing about nature for magazines. Soon she decided to reach larger audiences by sweetening her nature studies with a veneer of fiction. Porter's first novel was 1903’s The Song of the Cardinal, although Michael O’Halloran, 1915, was the first book she wrote in Rome City. In her lifetime, 1863 to 1924, Porter authored 12 novels, seven nature studies, three poetry books, children’s books and numerous magazine articles. With an estimated 50 million readers, her works have been translated into several foreign languages as well as Braille. Eight of her novels were produced as motion pictures. Designed by Gene and completed in 1914, the cabin is nestled on the shores of Sylvan Lake, near Rome City, IN. The exterior walls are of Wisconsin cedar logs, and local wild cherry panels the entrance hall and dining room. There are three extraordinary fireplaces: one of polished English brick, one constructed of Indiana artifacts and stones and one of puddingstone. The vast, undeveloped forest provided a rich source of material for her nature studies, writing and photography.

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