Metamora Performing Arts joins the Whitewater Canal State Historic Site in sponsoring the Grist Mill Jam the first Sunday of the month from April to September. This inclusive slow jam is led by Larry Wayt, known throughout the region for his Jamming 101: Playing Well with Others workshops. The old songs that you’ve known since childhood are featured, and the audience singing along is encouraged. This activity is open to the public at no charge. The Metamora Grist Mill is one of the structures of the Whitewater Canal State Historic Site and is an operating mill with cornmeal and grits available for purchase. It was built in the late nineteenth century, and opened as a museum in the 1970’s. The “porch” area used for the jam is the old scale, where wagons would be drawn up to weigh the grain being milled. The mill is open to the public from April to December, Wednesday through Sunday, hours available on the website: Metamora Performing Arts, a non-profit membership organization, also operates the Opry Barn, the premiere performance venue for the village, and often has events scheduled there on the evening of the Jam. Check our website calendar for information and plan a day in Indiana’s Canal Town.

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