Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science

About Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science

One of Southwestern Indiana's most established and significant cultural institutions, the Evansville Museum is a general museum with comprehensive collections in art, history, anthropology and science. Paintings and graphic works from the 16th Century to the present are prominent features in the Museum's permanent art galleries. On the grounds and terraces of the Museum, visitors may view contemporary and traditional sculpture. Visitors can stroll down the brick-paved street of a 19th Century American rivertown to see ornately decorated homes and shops stocked with notions and sundries. There are also galleries dedicated to early Evansville history, Abraham Lincoln, and the homefront effort during WWII. The Evansville Museum Transportation Center (EMTRAC) invites visitors to step back in time and trace the history of transportation starting with a dug-out canoe; view an elaborate model diorama reflecting Evansville in the late 1940s; and tour a 1908 steam switch engine, a Tennessee Club Car, and a red caboose. An exciting hands-on Science Center offers a wide range of exhibitions and programs to inspire and instruct students of all ages. There is also the Koch Planetarium.