Fanimation Antique Fan Museum

About Fanimation Antique Fan Museum

he Fanimation Antique Fan Museum contains more than 450 antique ceiling and desk fans with over 140 manufactures represented. It is the only dedicated antique ceiling and desk fan museum open to the public in the world. The museum was organized in 1997 in Wichita Kansas by the Antique Fan Collectors Associations (AFCA) and moved to Fanimation in May 2008. Fanimation is a premier ceiling and desk fan manufacturer owned by Tom Frampton. Tom is an avid antique fan collector himself and many of his antique fans are located in the museum as well. The museum contains: some of the earliest battery powered fans, water powered fans, steam powered fans, belt and pulley driven fans, alcohol powered fans, wind up fans, electric hand held fans, ceiling fans, wall fans, desk fans, pedestal fans, rail car fans and fans that don't even look like fans. The museum houses hundreds of hand held fans (the type you wave in your face) that feature advertising from manufactures, retailers, politicians and movie stars. You can find fans at the museum that were made as early as the 1880’s. The museum is open M-F and Sat. and Sun. by appointment. Admission is free.