Milan '54 Hoosiers Museum

About Milan '54 Hoosiers Museum

Visit the NEW Milan '54 Hoosiers Museum, step back into the 1950s, and learn what it took for the small town Milan team to beat all the others in the 1954 Indiana Basketball Championship tourney.Sit and watch footage from the original game as you are surrounded by photos and memorabilia from the time. Memorabilia from the movie "Hoosiers" is also on display, including the "Hoosiers" Collection, uniforms and other items from the movie. Take home a t-shirt, photograph, or a treasure signed by the 1954 team members. (also available on line) and support the museum. You may also run into one of the team members during your visit, they often stop by to see how the museum is going. Watch the website and FB pages for events that support the museum!