James Whitcomb Riley Boyhood Home and Museum

About James Whitcomb Riley Boyhood Home and Museum

Visit the boyhood home and birthplace of the "Hoosier Poet," James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916). Riley was noted for composing such time treasured works as, "Little Orphant Annie," "The Raggedy Man," "When the Frost is on the Punkin," and "An Old Sweetheart of Mine." In his lifetime, Riley wrote over 1,000 poems and over 90 editions with much of his inspiration coming from the small town of Greenfield - his birthplace. The Riley Boyhood Home looks as it did in the 1850's/60's when James lived there as a child. The home was built by the poet's father, Reuben Riley, in 1853, and inside you will see the "rafter room, cubby hole and press" that are mentioned in Riley's poem, "Little Orphant Annie." You will also see several of the Riley family treasured pieces of furniture and other items - including several which were made by the poet's father. The Riley Museum, which is next door to the Riley Boyhood Home, holds several artifacts and items that pertain to Riley's fame as an adult - including several personal items, products that he endorsed and many rare editions of his work. The Museum also hosts a gift shop where you can purchase that special Riley themed gift - - including some of Riley's books of poetry.