The Lerner Theatre

About The Lerner Theatre

A newly restored 1924 "Palace Era" venue filled with music, theater, dance performed live on stage. Meeting space is ideal for all events. The original Lerner Theatre was instantly a success when it opened in 1924, with Vaudeville acts and early motion pictures playing to packed houses. The Lerner was hailed as a true theatrical palace – the area’s finest theater. The renovation completed in 2011 was painstaking. Craftsmen hand painted the ceiling and the signature “mushroom” chandelier while standing on scaffolding that took several weeks to construct. Project managers meticulously found swatches of original curtain fabric, upholstery, wallpaper, and paint that had been covered and protected over the years, then used spectrum technology to match the color with modern materials. The end result is a marvelous example of what can happen when a community’s love for history, the arts, and civic pride are expressed through the willingness to fund – through public and private dollars – a project of this magnitude. The Lerner Theatre and Crystal Ballroom serve both to preserve history, and to blaze a new trail in city of Elkhart’s future.