Kokomo Automotive Museum

About Kokomo Automotive Museum

See over 100 significant automobiles in Kokomo, the "City of Firsts." The collection covers the early days motoring right up to the present day. The museum maintains the largest collection of Kokomo-built Haynes and Apperson automobiles in the world, including a replica of Elwood Haynes' first car, the 1894 Pioneer. The collection continues through the Brass and Nickel era, with many rare early automobiles. Henry Ford's Model A and Model T and present in a variety of body styles. The elegance of the Classic Era is shown with such exciting designs as the supercharged Auburn, the front wheel drive Cord, and the stylish Lincoln Continental. The Fabulous Fifties flourish in Kokomo, with gleaming chrome and soaring tailfins for all to see. Radical changes were on the way in the 1960s and 1970s. Muscle cars, like the 1964 GTO, pony cars, such as the 1964 1/2 Mustang lived alongside a new concern for safety and fuel economy. The Museum hosts rotating exhibits that change every quarter. In the past, the Corvette and Classic Packards have been featured. Look for the Class of 1955, the Mustang, and Cadillac to be in the spotlight in the near future. Guided tours are available and the museum can be rented for special events