SilverTowne, LP

About SilverTowne, LP

Visit the SilverTowne showroom in Winchester, Indiana and the first thing you’ll notice when you step inside is our large selection of coins and precious metals. There’s something for coin collectors and investors at every level – from beginners to experts. But once you tear your gaze away from the display cases, you’ll be treated to other breathtaking sites. Hanging high from the ceiling, we are proud to showcase our Czechoslovakian chandelier. This stunning fixture is made from 7775 cut crystals that are reportedly the finest available today. We also gladly show off our solid oak staircase, custom made in Wisconsin, brought in by truck, and completely assembled on site. In addition to the chandelier and staircase, we feature many antiques and collectibles brought in from all over the United States, each adding to the allure and history of SilverTowne. Even though it’s worth visiting us just to check out the building & décor, there’s also lots of shopping to enjoy!