Looking for real-time information about Indiana rest areas and welcome centers, as well as traffic conditions? You've come to the right place!

Indiana Rest Areas & Welcome Centers

INDOT currently operates 17 rest area locations, with 28 separate rest area facilities on Indiana’s interstate highways. Eleven rest area locations have buildings on both sides of the interstate (22 buildings) while eight sites are located on only one side of the interstate.

Each INDOT rest area and welcome center contains parking lots and driveways, various building types, restroom facilities, water fountains, picnic areas, vending services, numerous other site amenities, and a variety of tourism/traveler-related services. There are also areas allotted for buses, tractor-trailer trucks, and recreational vehicles. 


Use the map below to locate INDOT’s rest areas and welcome centers. Click on each location icon to see more information about the specific facility at that location.



Indiana's TrafficWise provides information about traffic conditions, road closures, traffic cameras, travel times, and message boards. It will be very useful to you as you near the Hoosier state.

With a few clicks of your mouse, you'll be able to view real-time camera images, the location, and severity of reported crashes, work zones, and other incidents that are being monitored by the INDOT Traffic Management Centers (TMC). TrafficWise will enable you to make decisions about which route to travel or perhaps delay your trip until conditions improve. 

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