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The Badge that shows your leadership

Business has been anything but usual this year, and consumers need a little extra assurance that it’s safe to venture out. When you make the Hoosier Hospitality Promise, you show you are more than ready to welcome them back to your business. You’re promising to make patron health and safety a top priority as you follow federal, state and local health and safety guidelines for proper reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can encourage patronage even more if you offer an exclusive discount to guests who’ve made the promise, too.

Get on the map Fill out the form below. Once approved, you will be added to the list and map of participating businesses. Customers can search by business type to find you.

Thank Them with a Discount You can reward customers who’ve made The Promise with a discount. They will bring their personalized Hoosier Hospitality Promise Pass to your establishment either on their mobile device or a printed card. The discount is completely up to you - as long as you can describe it in 35 characters or less to display in the participating business locator.

Download Your Hoosier Hospitality Promise Toolkit You can let potential customers know you’ve made The Promise with all the resources we’ve put in a downloadable toolkit, including window clings, how-to brochure, website banner and more. Just submit the form below. We’ll send you the link to the resource toolkit once you’re approved.

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