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Your Guide to RV Parks in Indiana

80% of RVs are produced in Indiana, so it is no surprise that RV camping is done best in the Hoosier State. From the South Shore of Lake Michigan to the southern border, Indiana is filled with beautiful RV parks and campgrounds that provide visitors with an unforgettable stay.


20 Places to Plan An Outdoor Adventure in Indiana

These 20 spots in Indiana will get your pulse rate up, spike some adrenaline, and allow visitors to get lost in nature. From beach hikes to ravine challenges, don't miss out!


These 10 Indiana State Parks Were Voted the Best of Indiana

Our state park properties rival those of any state in the country. Rugged hills, sand dunes, and more can be found inside the properties voted as the top 10 best state parks in Indiana! 


The Comprehensive Guide to Tent Campgrounds in Indiana

What better way to disconnect from technology and get surrounded with nature than tent camping? Indiana's beautiful wilderness provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. Our guide includes every tent camping spot in the entire state. 


20 Amazing Natural Wonders in Indiana

No man-made object can ever compare with nature's authentic beauty. You may have heard about our waterfalls and sand dunes, but have you seen Indiana's caves, fossil beds, and rock formations? 


These are Indiana's Top 10 Waterfalls

Indiana has a collection of breathtaking waterfalls that have to be experienced year-round. Our voters decided which ones are the best in the entire state. See what made the list!