Colucci Log Cabins on The Ohio River

Our cabins are located at the water’s edge on the largest pool of the entire Ohio River System. The view of each cabin, the “Castle Colucci“, the “Heron’s Nest“, the “Bonnie Pearl“, the “Yin-Yang“, “Moondance” and “Le Chalet” is to the east overlooking the Ohio River, greeting everyone with a spectacular sunrise and moonrise. Ah. . . Moon River. The scene of Kentucky shoreline is beautiful rolling farmland, with cleared pasture fields gently coming to rest at the rivers edge. Behind the cabins rise magnificent Limestone & Sandstone Cliffs, carved out eons ago by melting ice age glaciers forming this mighty river. The “Lodge at Buzzard Roost“ right on the water’s edge, is proudly perched upon these same cliffs, affording an eagles eye view of the river stretching for miles into the forest and farmlands. WOW! E-mail: Phone: Office: 1-877-275-5642 (Toll Free) Bud’s Cell: 812-719-0955 (E-mail messages and messages to the Office phone receive the quickest response) You can also contact us at: Colucci Log Cabins on the Ohio River 17735 Magnet Valley Road Magnet, IN 47520 (The Blue Building in the Snow is the Office)

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