Bloomington is a city of contrasts, which provides residents and visitors with a wide variety of experiences to enjoy. It’s a tight-knit community where neighbors know each other, but one with a diverse and rich culture due to the international appeal of Indiana University. This is a city where you can enjoy urban amenities, like a thriving arts scene, while remaining in the hilly, forested landscape of south-central Indiana. It’s a place that offers exciting collegiate sports plus incredible theater and music from local and national acts. And this contrast is exemplified in the culinary scene, where a range of international restaurants meld with gourmet cafes and pizza joints. There are countless opportunities to explore an array of interests, and do it on a local—but world-class—level. Visit Bloomington can help you find those opportunities, so you can easily plan a fun or exciting or engaging or relaxing visit. Whatever you are planning, you can make it happen in Bloomington.

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