Memories Made Naturally … for 100 Years!

Indiana State Parks, Home to Fun and Adventure!

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Key Points of Interest

  • Indiana State Parks – where memories are made naturally
  • Adventure found here – mountain bike trails, triathlons, hiking, more
  • Family-friendly environment for experiencing and learning about nature
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Indiana State Parks have been a window to the natural world for 100 years.

evening silhouette of two people fishing on a dock From the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan to the banks of the Ohio River and dozens of places in between, Indiana State Parks showcase the best examples of our state’s natural beauty and historic significance.

Discovery can be found in the storied hills of Brown County State Park, the sandstone canyons of Turkey Run State Park, the rolling prairie of Prophetstown State Park, the humble surroundings of Lincoln State Park, or any of our 32 parks.

Each year, Hoosiers and out-of-state visitors venture to these gems for their own reasons – a reunion of family or friends, a relaxing getaway, or the more physical demands of our epic mountain bike trails, a triathlon, or the 3-Dune Challenge.

Established in 1916, Indiana State Parks aim to help visitors experience the mature forests, wetlands, and prairies that were Indiana’s landscape prior to settlement.

two girls walking barefoot in a creek bed with the sun's rays streaming between two cliff walls
There’s an Indiana State Park within a one-hour drive of every Hoosier and easy enough to find for out-of-state travelers. Come help us celebrate 100 years of State Parks!

With trails for hiking, lakes for boating and fishing, beaches and aquatic centers for swimmers, campsites for the backcountry explorer to the RV camper, and nature and history programming for everyone, we integrate the past with the present.

And if sleeping under the stars is not your thing, we have 7 State Park Inns that rank among the best in the country.

Visit Indiana State Parks … and make your memories naturally.