After years of research and an extensive renovation, the Neely Homestead is now open as an upscale dining experience. With 41 years of diary entries, newspaper accounts, and our own careful decoding, The Neely House restaurant reflects ‘life as it was’ in the times of Thomas S. Neely, who build this home in 1852. The orchard and garden have been replanted and are full of fruit and vegetables! The setting is the restored home of Muncie pioneer Thomas S Neely. Mr. Neely journaled daily from 1860 until his death in 1901. In his diaries, he chronicled life prior to the turn of the last century.  Included in his writings are references to home improvements and constant updates of progress in the vegetable gardens and orchard. Today’s Neely house is restored to reflect the home and gardens as they are described in the diary entries and newspaper articles. Patrons enjoy regional, fresh ingredients, including those grown on-site. The entire experience is designed to celebrate an appreciation of Love, Beauty, and Food. History aside, this new addition to east-central Indiana’s dining scene will feature the newest and most exciting presentation of new American cuisine by chef Nick Kirkpatrick. 

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