Talk about "Old School"! -this family-owned business opened at this location in 1914 and has been serving and pleasing generations of loyal customers. The atmosphere is vintage and welcoming and the fare simple, fresh but unforgettable: cokes in the little bottles (a real favorite), all meat hamburgers and cheeseburgers, chili (no beans), baked beans and...the legendary "Coney Dog" on its steamed bun, mustard, secret sauce and hand-chopped onions. Porcelain table tops, antique wooden chairs and the spinning stools at the counter (beloved by generations of children) lend to an atmosphere of times gone by but not to be forgotten.

Some things you should know about Fort Wayne's Famous Coney Island: Approximately a million hot dogs are served a year, 50 to 75 pounds of onions are hand-chopped per day, 100,000 bottles of Coca Cola are sold a year, 20 gallons of mustard are used weekly and over 60,000 pounds of fresh meat is cooked a year to make the secret Coney Island sauce.

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