Enjoy a meal in a restored 1930s establishment.

1930s – Operated by the Yoho brothers. 

1933 – A fire consumed the store.

 1934 – The store was rebuilt and still stands on the corner of IN-43 and E. Tulip Rd.

 2012 – CFC Properties purchased the Yoho General Store and made extensive renovations. 

 2018 – The Southern-Indiana dishes became very popular; thus, the store expanded its seating area to accommodate its visitors.

 Today, visitors can sit back and relax in the restored 1930s dining area and enjoy a deli-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The store is well known for its breaded tenderloins, biscuits n' gravy, pie, ice cream, and much more! Other goods, such as produce and necessity items are available, as well as 24/7 gasoline, making it an ideal one-stop location!

 Stop in for a unique taste of history! We’re at the corner of past and present. 

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