Called the "most unique brewery in the state", you won't want to miss this Lawrence County establishment just off of Hwy 37 between Bloomington and Bedford. Salt Creek Brewery is located in a restored old service garage. What once was the alignment/oil change pit is now home to the brew vessels, the old paint room now houses the keg coolers, and the rest of the rooms still have the original walls from the 1940's. Come sit and sip one of our award winning beers where Jon had his cars painted, or where Bruce had a brake job done. Jon and Bruce sit in the same place at the bar or table where these jobs took place years ago. Look around at the brewery's large and growing collection of vintage beer pieces and advertising memorabilia. Some date back to the 1800's like the Pabst Bottle or the Schlitz Brewery Keg. Food is on the Grille side of the brewery. Please enjoy our new Beer Bait and Tackle Theme.  After you finish your food from the Grille, you might want to enjoy a Salt Creek Cigar with your Salt Creek Beer, or one of our wines or distilled spirits on the Patio (Old drive way for the Garage). Check out our Stormy Kromer line of hats and clothing. Come drink a beer in the garage, the old Bait and Tackle shop, or the Patio.

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