In February of 2015, Joanie and Barry Howard opened Grains and Grill in an old John Deere showroom, a business that served local farmers in Fairmount and Grant County for most of the mid-1900s. The Howards wanted to create a unique restaurant where the food was good and the atmosphere relaxed…a place where families could come and enjoy a great dinner, but also a destination for couples and friends looking to relax after a long week! In the words of Joanie Howard, Grains and Grill is an experience. A destination. A place for people to relax at the end of the day with a good meal. Grains and Grill attracts diners from all over Indiana, including the Indy area, Fort Wayne, and Lafayette.

Grains and Grill offers an excellent selection of burgers and tenderloins, along with salads and large plates for those with more ravenous appetites.

 The success of restaurant (it was packed the night I went), prompted the Howards to launch Fairmounts first and currently only brewery, Bad Dad Brewery in early 2017. After spending years exploring the local varieties and unique beer being brewed across the United States, the Howards aimed to bring our own version of some of the best styles to Fairmount, Grant County, and the rest of central Indiana.

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