Blue Heron Vineyards & Winery

Enjoy Blue Heron Winery, In-situ Celtic Cross, and our Cottage Bed & Breakfast. Sample the uniqueness of Blue Heron Wines. Blue Heron Vineyards specializes in American and French-American Grapes. Sample the uniqueness of Blue Heron Wines, each crafted from estate and regionally-grown French hybrid and American varietals. Discover the sandstone Celtic Cross carved from the hillside of Blue Heron property. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Ohio River from the patio of Blue Heron Winery. Relax at Blue Heron Farm's charming Bed & Breakfast, on nearly vineyard and lake property. Blue Heron Vineyard is located along the Ohio River in southern Indiana. Perry County is nearly equal distance between Evansville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. Detailed travel instructions are on our website,

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